Here is an fictitious example of what an Evaluation would include after your Self Assessment results have been evaluated by our SELF, INC. Support Team. For the sake of example, we have only done an Evaluation for Stefan Anderson's Body Department. The graphs though show the % of capacity of all of his departments.

A complete Evaluation would encompass several charts showing the percentage of capacity that each of your departments is running at. In addition, there will be a detailed analysis for each department that will give you a thorough understanding of what divisions of the departments need improvement.  Our recommendations are made from an empowering point-of-view by our SELF, INC. Recovery Coaching Team so that you can take immediate action once you receive your Evaluation. Our #1 Goal is that we provide you the recovery tools that you can apply to your life. That way you can start making changes to SELF, INC.  that will promote recovery in your life the way it was suppose to: The Spirit leading the Mind as the Body follows. 


Jan 1st, 2020 
(1st Quarter)
This Evaluation is based on the data collected from Stefan Anderson's Assessment results. All conclusions in this Evaluation are provided with the intention of offering input to Stephan, the CEO of SELF, INC., so that he can make the necessary changes to SELF, INC. so that he can start recovering from his mental health crisis.


All 3 charts clearly show that all 3 of Stefan's departments are below the optimal % of capacity which is recommended to be 80% or higher.  In this particular case, the Spirit Department is significantly lower than the other 2 departments.  The Spirit is designed to direct the Mind and Body and so if it continues to stay at such a low % of capacity SELF, INC. will suffer significantly. It is not in our nature to focus on the Spirit Departments as much as the other departments so this is a common challenge for CEO's who have decided to take charge of SELF, INC. and pursue recovery.
The first section of the Evaluation includes:

1. Vertical Bar Chart with % a of capacity of each department
2. Horizontal Bar Chart with a % of capacity of each department
3. Pie Chart with with a % of capacity of each department
4. Chart Conclusions
The second section of Stefan's Evaluation includes:

1. Body Department Evaluation.

According to your answers Stefan to the Evaluation's questions, your Body Department is working at 65% capacity.  The goal that the SELF, INC. Life Program has set is 70% or higher as your optimal goal.  Stephan, you need to do some work to get the number higher so that you feel better and have more energy to do the things you need to be doing in life.  Remember your goal is to enhance your personal growth and apply self-help principles to every department. According to your Assessment, you are showing us that you are exercising but more because you have to rather than you want to.  That is a thought that needs to change.  You want to want SELF, INC. to shine, to produce an abundance of energy and love and contribute to the part of the world that you are responsible for.  For starters, you need to consider stretching every day as your first goal but we will get into that more in the recommendation section of this Evaluation.
Your eating habits are showing to be speratic. What we mean is that you eat "sometimes." You are not taking the time to really enjoy the joy of food.  You need to sit down and pretend that you are serving yourself a gourmet dinner on occasion. You need to sit down when you are eating. You are putting a lot of stressors on your digestive system which can equate to more serious physical conditions you want to avoid.  You are only taking in 1 possibly 2 servings of vegetables a week.  You are not getting enough water in your Body Department which will make you feel dehydrated and sluggish.  Try naturally-flavored water, but you have to start giving your body what it needs. You are doing a great job of taking your vitamins and that is awesome because you are making up for what you are lacking in your diet.
Do you like sports?  If so great.  Pick one that you think you can actually do rather than watch. If it's a team sport, you need to find a local club that has a league and join because as we mentioned you are not exercising with joy. SELF, INC. wants a CEO smiling when he is walking the halls of of his company.  Your Assessment also shows that you are not getting outside enough. Fresh air is rejuvinating and healthy. Also the sun's rays puts color on our faces and vitamins into our bodies.
Stefan, you need to WANT your Body Department to feel good and produce energy, vitality and health.  Your Assessement suggests you may have some body image issues and that you really don't like the way you look. This can really sabotage a CEO's effort to prosper.  You have to love you.  Did you know that the Spirit Department is actually a reflection of God.  Guess what?  If you look in the mirror, REALLY look in the mirror you can see the beauty of God Himself glancing back at you. It doesn't matter if you are 30 pounds overweight, not too much hair on top, and your laugh lines don't make you smile like they used to.

You have to start self-talking to your body and telling it how wonderful it is.  You need to really start telling things that at first may not be true but eventually if your words are coming straight from your Spirit Department, which are then registering in your Mind Department, then your Body Department has no choice but to follow. 
The third section of Stefan's Evaluation includes:

1. Body Department Recommendations.

Stefan, it is time take action! Your Body Department is screaming out for action!  Just like a team, you are ready to sit down and listen to the coach, which in this case is the Spirit Department.  To make it even easier to comprehend, your stockholder, God is waiting in the locker room and is ready to show you the way.  The beauty of workling the SELF, INC. Life Program is that you have a complete picture of what all 3 oif your departments are doing. That way, every day you do at least 3 things in each department to increase your capacity!

Our SELF, INC. Life Coaching Team  has   come up with  the following recommendations to kick start your Body Department so it can begin generating positive energy so that SELF, INC. as a whole has a healthy vessel to work through.  f you need further support, our SELF, INC. Life Coaches are available to assist you in achieving your goals.

Every day when you wake up you need to stretch. Get a good book from the library that teaches you how to stretch every body part. Starting with your head and neck area, moving down to the shoulders, the sides of your body and onward.   This action item will generate flexiblity so you can avoid injury to parts of your body like your back.
Decide what 3 days you want to be actively moving and we don't mean going from the kitchen to the couch.  Every week can be different days but we are talking about this week.  Decide that your week starts on a Sunday not a Monday that way you don't dread Monday's even more, with work and everything else.  This alone is an action item. So as the CEO decide what 3 days this week it is going to be.
Stefan it is time to ask yourself what makes your Body Department feel alive when it is doing it.  Does it like you to walk, run, jog, play golf, swim, bike, use an exercise machine.  A gain, you need to choose 3. That way when your agenda calls for exercise, you have already have options.  Just choose on the day that you are suppose  to exercise and move one of the 3 and you are on your way. Only do the exercise for 10 minutes the first week, the second week do it for 15 minutes, then 20 minutes on the 3rd week. Once you make it to the 3rd week you are there. Just remember 20 minutes, 3 times a week!  Once that becomes a regular TO DO for the Body Department you take it off your TO DO LIST and put it your Business Plan as a permanent action item for permanent recovery!
Grocery store time.  This Action item will eventually become painless.  Go to your favorite food store and begin to explore. The action item is that you are to select 7 vegetables and 7 fruits that you like. Explore, take your time and really ask yourself what would taste good, what am I attracted to... Once you have selected your fruits and vegetables then congratulate yourself and head home.  Put everything in the fridge but before that select 1 fruit and 1 vegetable that you will be eating on the 1st day of your week.  Now, everyday you go to the frig or pack 1 fruit and 1 vegetable in your lunch bag and eat your allocated amount.  Another healthy habit off the TO DO LIST in 3 weeks!
Everyday, 3 times a day, go to the mirror.  It's time for some self-talk that will not only generate positive body image but overall positive self image.  Your Spirit Department wants to remind you of the following. If you can, say the folllowing out loud, the only thing that is mandatory is looking in the mirror:

1. I am a loving and loved person.
2. I deserve great things in life and joy.
3. I except myself as I am and I am constantly building up to greater things.
4. I am an important part and significant part of this world.
5. God is my best friend & together we are producing PERSONAL SUCCESS in my life.
6. I am A CEO of the most important company in the world, SELF, INC.
7. I can do anything and produce all forms of success in my world because my Spirit is leading my Mind as my Body follows.
For 15 minutes, 3 times a day, you need to go outside and just take a quick stroll and take some deep breathes.  Get some fresh air into your body. A good thing to do when taking deep breathes in is to ponder a positive thought or word like love, joy, peace, happiness.   When you take the deep breathe in slow think of the word. Hold the breathe for 7 seconds and then exhales any negative word that may come up in your mind like hate, sadness, fustrated, worried, troubled.  At the end express gratitude for the fact that you can breathe and that you ARE breathing and are alive.
At every meal decide that no matter what will be sitting down.  It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 30 minutes, you need to make eating right one of your priorities. One of the keys to success for SELF, INC. is to remove stressors.  Relaxing for a moment to eat will allow the Body Department shift down for a little while and focus on the task which is eating, not eating, driving and talking on the phone.  This is about love Stephan, it's about loving you. The more primary energy that you invest in SELF, INC. the greater chances you have to manifest Spiritual Empowerment, Self Empowerment and ultimately produce a life of recovery.  In turn, you will have the inner power to manifest other things that are on your list of dreams.
The final section of Stefan's Evaluation includes:

1. SELF, INC. Action Plan (Mission Statement)

Congratulations Stefan! You took a very important step to allow your personal state of life to be evaluated by others. Most importantly you allowed yourself to ask the questions you needed to ask so that you can start making changes. Change brings on new life. The only constant is change but sometimes we hold on to something like a habit, an attitude, a thought, a belief too long and we become stagnant. Your Action Plan has already been put into action by YOU!. You have decided that you are not just a body or a mind but a spirit that is pure, and powerful and capable of manifesting amazing things. Remember, a bee is not attracted to a wilting or drab flower nor is a successful recovery attracted to a person that is reflecting defeat, complacency and negative energy.

Your Action Plan or actually Mission Statement for as long as you want to use it is:

I, Stefan Anderson, the CEO of STEFAN, INC., am committed to magnificent high-generating energy and prosperity.   I am the leader of my own life and destiny because I have developed Self Empowerment and well as Spiritual Empowerment. I have control over my personal domain and I have the power to do what I choose to do with it. All my decisions will be made by the Spirit Department first and foremost. Discipline is my priority and once all 3 departments's capacities have manifested. For now, the dream is to see SELF, INC. produce things like health, peace and joy in all facets of my life.

Remember you are the CEO of STEFAN, INC. That means you can do ANYTHING you want with STEFAN. INC. including the above task of coming up with different Mission Statement. It is your life, you are in charge.  
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