The SELF, INC. Life Evaluation is based on the answers you provide when you choose to complete the SELF, INC. Life Assessment. It is custom-generated for you and you alone. After you complete the SELF, INC. Life Assessment, your results are sent to our Support Team so that your answers can be thoroughly and comprehensively evaluated. Just like companies have quarterly reviews, SELF, INC. is the same.  The Evaluation gives you a thorough "company" report of SELF, INC. First, you are provided detailed graphs and charts that break down the percentage of productivity and capacity of each of your departments, so that you can get a visual picture of how you have been living your life and where you are regarding personal growth. With that information, our Support Team concludes what specific areas of your life need improvement, upgrading, refinement and work. Lastly, our Support Team will encourage you with their recommendations on how to go about making the necessary changes to each of your departments so that PERSONAL SUCCESS, thru spiritual enlightenment, can start manifesting in your life. Your completed Evaluation will sent to you via email to you within 5-7 business days from when you submit your answers to the Assessment.

The SELF, INC. Life Program Handbook is a handy, easy-to-read life management guide designed to assist you along the way with your decision to be the CEO of your own SELF, INC. It talks about the SELF, INC. Life Program, a spiritual empowerment program, and how you can apply it to your life. It discusses each department in detail and what you can do to generate positive life changes that will impact all areas of your world.  It is designed to complement the SELF, INC. Life Assessment and Evaluation. The Handbook is not going to offer you a new philosophy, perspective on religion or how you should live your life.  Instead it will provide self empowerment options that you can choose to apply or not apply to your way of living. The goal of the Handbook is to self-empower you, motivate you, generate personal growth and encourage you to take action as the CEO of SELF, INC. Start running your "business" the way it was designed to be run.


SELF, INC. Life Coaching is made up of a variety of elements, such as teamwork, active discussions, goal setting and facilitation. It is especially effective after you have taken the Assessment, received your Evaluation and have read the Handbook. SELF, INC. Life Coaching assists you in setting feasible goals for your life and supports you in reaching them. SELF, INC.  Life Coaching can enhance your ability to recognize your gifting and talents and assist you in tapping into them.  In addition, SELF, INC. Life Coaching can guide you on how to see the "Big Picture" so you can get the results you want. By encouraging you in the self empowerment process and providing you with the support and structure you need, we can help you accomplish more and be the successful CEO that you were born to be.

The SELF, INC. Life Assessment is a SELF ASSESSMENT containing multiple questions. It is designed to assist you with œchecking in regarding the 3 departments that make up SELF, INC. It is a Self Empowerment assessment specially formulated to calculate what percentage of capacity each that your departments are running at. It asks questions such as: Do you exercise regularly? Do you read affirmations daily? Do you believe in forgiveness? It is an effective tool for getting in touch with each department to see what areas of your life need your attention, so you can start experiencing personal growth. Just by choosing to take the SELF, INC. Life Assessment, which is a spiritual empowerment tool, you have made an important decision that you are putting yourself first. In turn, you can invest your time and energy in the things that really matter in life. After completing the Assessment, our SELF, INC. Life Coaching Team will calculate the percentage of capacity that each of your departments are running at.  That way you have a snapshot of SELF, INC. and an idea of where you might want to start making changes. Then you can enhance your quality of life and start producing PERSONAL SUCCESS. We can also provide you a comprehensive Evaluation that will empower you, if you are ready to invest your time  in making serious changes in your departments and your life as a whole.  Spiritual Empowerment and Spiritual Enlightenment is what you develop and grow within you, that attracts success in your life.  Your completed Assessment will sent to you via email to you within 3-5 business days from when you submit your answers.  

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