A SELF, INC. Recovery Coach will help you...
...provide you with the support and structure you need in order to       accomplish more and experience recovery and healing.
...focus on the "Big Picture" so you can experience  a new way of             living with your mental health condition.
...enhance your ability to build a new life worth living, by                     recognizing your gifts, skills and talents.
...spouses, partners, family or friends.

...God, ministers, pastors, priests or spiritual leaders.

...therapists. doctors or counselors.
Why team up with A SELF, INC. Recovery Coach?
​So you can learn to live your life with your spirit leading your mind as your body follows.

So that you can access the inner power within yourself and use it effectively.
When you team up with a SELF, INC. Recovery Coach, you begin to...
So that you can bring balance back to your body, mind and spirit, and clarity regarding what you purpose and mission in life is.

...produce real success in your life, such as health, peace, love and joy.
...take more effective action, instead of making wrong turns that put your               mental health at risk.
...realize the significance of your contribution to the plan for your life.

SELF, INC. Recovery Coaches come to the table with their own personal story about their struggles with mental health. The benefit of someone who can team up with you who knows how you feel and what you are going thru...well it is invaluable. Also, our Recovery Coaches utilize the SELF, INC. Life Program. it is a helpful resource for them as they work on maintaining the new life they have built for themselves.

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