The SELF, INC. Evaluation is based on the answers that we provide when we choose to complete the SELF, INC. Assessment. After a completed Assessment is submitted for review, the results are sent to the SELF, INC. Support Team so they can be comprehensively evaluated. Just like companies have quarterly reviews, SELF, INC. is the same.  Details regarding the breakdown of the percentage of productivity and capacity of each of our departments, so that we can get a visual picture of how we have been living your lives and where we are regarding the state of our physical, mental and spiritual health. Suggestions are provided regarding what specific areas of our lives need improvement, upgrading, refinement and work. The conclusions are supported by the recommendations that the SELF, INC. Life Program encourages if we want to get started on the road to recovery with the Spirit leading the Mind as the Body follows. Completed Evaluations are sent via email within 3-5 business days after Assessment answers are submitted to the SELF, INC. Support Team.
The SELF, INC. Life Program Handbook is a handy, easy-to-read mental health recovery resource designed to assist us along the way with our decision to be the CEO of our own SELF, INC. It talks about the SELF, INC. Life Program, and how we can apply it to our lives. It discusses each department in detail and what we can do to generate positive life changes that will impact all areas of our lives.  The Handbook is not going to offer us a new philosophy, perspective on religion or how we should live our lives.  Instead it provides suggestions based on a personal account of how Athena Kabylafkas, the author of the Program was able to finally overcome her mental health illness and build for herself a new life after several life-threatening breakdowns.  The goal of the Handbook is to self-empower, motivate and generate a new healthy lifestyle that will, if we choose, encourage us to take action as the CEO of our lives and overseer of our own mental health recovery.  
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SELF, INC. Recovery Coaching is made up of a variety of elements, such as teamwork, active discussions, goal setting and facilitation. It is especially effective after you have taken the Assessment, received your Evaluation and have read the Handbook. SELF, INC. Recovery Coaching can assist us in setting feasible goals for our health and lives, and support us in reaching them. SELF, INC. Recovery Coaching can enhance our ability to recognize our gifting and talents and assist us in tapping into them.  In addition, SELF, INC. Recovery Coaching can guide us on how to see the "Big Picture" so we can get the results we want: a full recovery from our mental health crisis. By encouraging us in the recovery process and providing you with the support and structure we need, we can accomplish more and be the successful CEO that we were born to be.

The SELF, INC. Assessment contains multiple questions designed to assist us with checking in with ourselves regarding our Body, Mind and Spirit. It is specially formulated to calculate what percentage of capacity each of our departments are running at. It is an effective tool for getting in touch with each department to see what areas of our lives need our attention, so we can start experiencing recovery from our mental health crisis. The Assessment gives us a snapshot of SELF, INC. and an idea of where we might want to start making changes to improve our mental health. It is a great way to start moving forward in our recovery and positively impact our lives life as a whole. The SELF, INC. Support Team will provide the conclusions within 48 hours after a completed Assessment is submitted.  

Recovery resources that are designed to support your effort to build a new life after a mental health crisis.

Providing quality recovery resources to those who are seeking to 
build a new life after a mental health crisis.
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