Athena Kabylafkas was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in her twenties and CPTSD later on in her life. After countless episodes, she decided to dig her heels in and start studying about mental health and how to sustain it. Everything she read directed her towards the belief in a Higher Power or God. She was turned off by any "religious" connotations, so she decided to take a "holistic" journey of recovery instead. After many failures at applying what she had learned, her life finally took an upward swing from the usual devastating places in life she would find herself in.  She created the SELF, INC. Life Program which outlines the principles she follows now and has implemented it into her daily living. 



Living holistically with the Spirit, leading the Mind as the Body follows.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

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Dear Fellow Peers,

Recovering from a mental health crisis is the same as surviving a traumatic event, like an serious car accident. It is a very hard road because there can be devastating fallout.  But do not quit on yourself, no matter how treacherous it becomes.  I took the long way home, in my case, but I made it.  Now, it is my hope that by sharing my story, my struggles, my victories and my journey of recovery...someone will gleam something from it all, and apply it to their own courageous journey of recovery.

Blessings to all of us as we continue to shatter the lies behind the stigma of mental illness, and achieve mental health for all of us.

My Best,