It is the source of our pure instinct, our inner sense, and without it we would cease to exist. If our Spirit Department is working efficiently, then we are more effective in all that we do.  It is our Spirit that makes decisions that our in our best interest because it makes us aware of that "gut" feeling and discernment when something is not right.  

When we have a mental health crisis, it is usually stemming from a dysfunction down deep inside of us.  With our Spirit we can get in touch with that "ailment" and do something about it so we can restore our sanity and our mental health.

It is the Spirit Department that funnels the visions and wisdom that were instilled in us when we were born and when the desire for personal well-being was birthed. It is our Spirit that inspires us to do wonderful things in life including experiencing prosperity with our health.  With your Spirit we can manifest that kind of abundance, especially a successful recovery. 

Recover from a mental health crisis by balancing your Spirit Department.
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Photo by Garon Piceli from Pexels