Our nerves becomes raw with pains that manifest because the other departments are suffering in some way.  Perhaps we have attempted to supress a breakdown with negative behavior like alcohol or substance abuse to the point where it controls us instead of us controlling it.  Or we involve ourselves in risky behavior that puts our lives on the line, such as letting others take advantage of us in the physical sense of the word.  There are also not so obvious behaviors that our physical health on the line like emotional or binge eating as it is often called.  

There are plenty of helpful resources that can aid us in caring for our bodies, but this is about what happens when things get out of kilter and our body's senses deceive us.  That is how disorders form.  The SELF, INC. Life Program helps us get in touch with our being on all levels. It also helps see our bodies in different light where the burden is taken of our physical beings, or bodies and puts it on the other departments in a healthy manner.       

Recover from a mental health crisis by balancing your Body Department.
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Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels