Your body is your being's dwelling place. It is a profound experience when you embrace the truth about self-empowerment, and begin to honor your body for the divine vessel that it is. Without the BODY DEPARTMENT, there would be no place for your Mind or Spirit Department to exist. It is through the BODY DEPARTMENT that you can take action in your life and make the changes you need to and desire regarding life management while experiencing self empowerment and ultimately spiritual enlightenment. When your BODY DEPARTMENT is running the way it should, life experiences become profound and significant. The SELF, INC. Life Program that we offer can assist you with achieving the quality of life that comes from within. When you feel physically well, you are able to make an impact in your life and in the lives of others who are in your sphere of influence. Therefore, taking stock of how you are managing the BODY DEPARTMENT is crucial to your survival as well as your PERSONAL SUCCESS.

It is with your mind that you make decisions, plans and dreams. It is usually where you allocate most of your time and energy. It is also the department most mismanaged. It is the computer that processes the information that you and the world give it. If positive, affirming, truthful information enters your MIND DEPARTMENT, it will produce wonderful things in your life. If garbage goes in, then all that will come out is garbage. The garbage going in comes in all shapes and sizes and from many sources. A Spiritual Life Coach can offer you the support you may need and guide you in the right direction when you are trying to unclutter your mind. In addition, the MIND DEPARTMENT is also responsible for organizing your life. If you choose to harness the MIND DEPARTMENT and utilize it the way in was intended to be utilized, then your life will fall into place and work with you rather than against you.

The SPIRIT DEPARTMENT is the most exciting department, as well as the most essential to the success of SELF, INC. It is designed to be the head, never the tail. It was created to be the engine, never the caboose. It is the department that encases the essence of your being. It is the source of spiritual empowerment and without it you would cease to exist. If your SPIRIT DEPARTMENT is working efficiently, then you are more effective in all that you do.  It is the SPIRIT DEPARTMENT that makes personal empowerment a reality and gives you that ability to become aware of that "gut" feeling and discernment when something is not right. It is the SPIRIT DEPARTMENT that funnels the visions and wisdom that were instilled in you when you were born and when the desire for personal growth was birthed. It is your Spirit that inspires you to do wonderful things in life and truly exeprience spiritual enlightenment.  With your Spirit you can manifest, in abundance, PERSONAL SUCCESS

Spiritual Enlightenment & Self-Empowerment thru Mastering Your Three Departments

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