The Spirit Department is the most exciting department, as well as the most essential to the success of our recovery. It is designed to be the head, never the tail. It was created to be the engine, never the caboose. It is the department that encases the essence of our being...READ MORE 


Recover from a mental health crisis by balancing your Body, Mind and Spirit Department.
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The Body Department is our dwelling place. It is within that our Mind and Spirit reside.  It is an amazing creation.  Our responsibility is to care for it to the best of our ability.  We are not to abuse it, harm it or damage it.  But oftentimes, we do things unintentionally and put it in jeopardy.  When we have a mental health crisis, usually it is because the anguish we are experiencing eventually went after our body and its systems...READ MORE

It is with our mind that we make decisions, plans and dreams. It is usually where we allocate most of our time and energy. It is also the department most mismanaged. It is the computer that processes the information that you and the world give it, and if we are not careful we can cause it to malfunction...READ MORE 

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